Monday Motivation

I need motivation in several areas. Sometimes I feel like I will never get it, but I think it is because I am stuck in the negative. So Mondays I am going to start blogging a favorite quote that fits something that I am feeling that I need motivation in. I won’t necessarily explain what it pertains to, and sometimes it may be quite obvious. Ultimately though, this is just kind of an accountability thing for me. So here is my motivation for today!


My Little Inspiration…

I’ve talked about my daughter before, my little Fashion Queen. Well, she was slightly jealous of the scarves I made for my sisters that she insisted I make her one. So that is what I did. Just a simple, nothing special scarf to make her happy. EXCEPT after I presented it to her she then says that I know much make her a skirt, shirt, and shoes to match. So using her as inspiration for reviving my crocheting I decided to make up a skirt from a pattern I had previously purchased. (I hoard yarn patterns just the same as I do yarn)  I had purchased the cutest Chevron Skirt from A Crocheted Simplicity so I took this as a sign to actually get to working on it. I LOVE the results and so does my daughter, who I must add, posed herself!

The Fashionista Diva Queen in her new skirt (and yes, she reminded me that I still have not made her shirt yet):

Crochet Crochet Crochet…

Just wanting to sharing a few things that I have been up to lately in the world of crocheting. I have kinda been stuck in a rut of just making hats, from giraffe hats to owls, with the occasional diaper cover thrown in there. So much that I actually got burned out on crocheting. I didn’t think that would happen since I find it to be such an awesome stress relief. And with 2 older sisters, I need all the stress relief I can get. (Ok, that part is just in there so I can see who calls me on it first. lol) Anyway, I decided that I wanted to finally make something that I don’t usually make and see if that would help revive my crocheting hobby. So I decided on a houndstooth scarf. Again, I had my sisters in mind here since we are from Alabama and both of them are Alabama fans. (Sidenote* I’m not a fan of any team but as the wife of an Auburn fan Roll Tide are ugly words here.) I ended up really enjoying making the scarf, and having two sisters, I ended up making them both one.

It did take me a little bit on both of them, but I loved the end results. And I am definitely looking forward to making new things! I found the pattern for this scarf from ELK Studio-Handcrafted Crochet Designs and you can find the pattern here–> Houndstooth Scarf Pattern

Getting Inspired…

Now that it is nicer weather I am trying to get more inspired in a lot of things that I love to do. From blogging to my crochet to photography. Which leads me to blog about some of my favorite pictures I’ve taken recently. First off, I broke one of my own rules. Which was the fact that I left home WITHOUT my camera. So dumb. I told myself that there was no way I would need it the particular weekend (about 2 weeks ago) so I convinced myself to leave it home. Little did I know that a few days later I would regret that decision. BUT I did have a small pocket digital camera (the Kodak Playful) and so I did get to whip it out and take some pictures. So, they aren’t the most perfect since I was riding on an ATV that bears the name “MULE”.  I love this area that I have discovered and I plan to go back with my camera and definitely take more pictures because there are lots to be made there. But here are just a few that have my photography bee buzzing in my ear again.

Tuesday’s Favorite Thing….

I love this time of year. The weather is still not quite too hot (though that is fast approaching), the days are longer…but what I love most is the smells. No I am not crazy, I said the smells. I can step outside my door and I am immediately met with the smell of honeysuckle. It is even better over at my parents house because they have much more than I do. But I have to say that my favorite thing right now is being able to go outside and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of the season.


And this image is also probably one my favorite that I have ever taken.

Image is sole property of Sheena McKinney@ Willow Blue Creations.

Once upon a time…

I used to love photography. Somewhere along the line that changed. Various reasons attributed to that and I realized along the way that I was starting to reflect that in my work. Eventually, for a while, I even stopped taking my camera to things I would normally take it. I stopped wanting to photograph anything. I would still do pictures of my children obviously, but even in those instances, the joy was not there.

So a few weeks ago I decided that I was going to change that and get back to loving it again. This is after I found an old journal of mine from High School. (yes, when it comes to memories, I am a hoarder) In that journal I talked about how much I loved photography and really wanted to pursue it. Not portrait photography, but more along the lines of landscape and still life. And I love macro photography. So here I was reading as an almost 33 year old, the writings I done a the age of 16 and realizing that I let myself get thrown off the path of what I wanted so many times. There are actually 2 things I am working on, photography and writing. But photography is the one thing that I have shared the most of that I have felt like I was not good enough at. I am now  ready to accept that I am the only one I have to please and that I don’t have to compromise my methods. So here’s to getting back what I love.

My Hiatus..

I just wanted to share what I have been up to since my time away from blogging. Crocheting has been keeping me busy and I hope to share some great pictures from one of my photographer friends soon! But here is a little peek of what’s been keeping me occupied:


Christmas Craftiness..

I’m not the only crafty person in this house. Every Christmas my dh pulls out some hangers, zip times, some garland and Christmas lights and creates these:

His father taught him how to make them and he has made quite a few over the years. They have been a big hit with some of his coworkers. (I’m next in line for one though! lol)  I wanted to take pictures of him as he did it step by step but I think he is allergic to the camera. lol So far this is, shamefully, the only Christmas crafting that has been done in this house so far! Hopefully after Thanksgiving tomorrow I can get right in the swing of things!


Busy Busy Busy

I have be MIA for a while now. Part of that has been because I’ve been busy doing other things. But  I will admit that there are equal parts of lazy and lack of inspiration thrown in there somewhere.

In September my family and I participated with other family and friends in a the JDRF Walk for Cure.

My niece Abby was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes a year ago! We had a blast doing it (even if a few veered off on the 3 mile portion by accident lol)

November is actually diabetes awareness month and you can get lots of great information here: JDRF and be sure to like JDRF on Facebook!

Someone through another site I visit asked various questions to “Thirtysomething Moms” so it got me to thinking. Some of those were along the lines of “How does if feel not to be a young chick anymore”, “What about your husband wanting a younger, wrinkle free woman instead of you”, “What about the younger women around you who give you “you’re old” looks?”, “How do you keep your confidence up”..and etc.

The thing is, I am 32 and I don’t consider myself to be old. lol I’m the same person I am now at 32 that I was when I was 25. The only thing that has changed is that number. Ok, and maybe my hair color and length a few times. Oh, and yeah my weight bobbles more than a bobble head toy on a bumper car, but who cares? Right? The younger women that are in my life don’t give me a  “you’re old” look. Perhaps that’s because I don’t hang around with women who are still stuck with a high school mentality. I’m not saying that to be mean, it’s just true. I would think anyone who did that still had some growing up to do. I don’t really do anything special to keep confidence up. I love my life and there isn’t a thing I would change so that is enough in itself to boost my confidence sky high. As far as my husband, I know that no marriage is perfect, but for me and Jason…we are each others best friend. As cliche as it sounds, we are perfect for each other. Does being married to me make him blind to other attractive women? No. Just like I am not blind to other attractive men. Do we want to be with them? No. We started dating at the age of 17, got married a little over a year together, and have been married 14 years. We are enjoying growing old TOGETHER. (let’s not forget that our husbands are aging right along with us, wrinkles and all)

If anything, my life is even better in my 30s. A friend of mine just had a real hard time because she turned 30 and I didn’t really understand. My 3oth Birthday day came and went just like any other day.  I can honestly say that I am 95% happy right now. I have to say 5% goes to that bobbling weight, and I do need my hair colored, but other than that, I wouldn’t change a thing. I think everything in life happens for a reason, it makes you who you are.  And I happen to think I am quite awesome, so why mess with a good thing?