Project 365: Day 1 Hobbies

This year I decided I would finally start a Project 365. Which is me committing to take at least one photograph a day, something I should be doing anyway. I’m going to try to get as creative as I can as the year goes along. For the first picture lots of “lists” suggest maybe starting with a self portrait. But today was a lazy day for me and I was not going to bother getting all dolled up for a picture. (because seriously, I am NOT gonna post a hag photo of myself) So I decided to do a photograph that encompasses the hobbies that I really love. This picture represents things that I would not know what to do if I couldn’t do them anymore. They are my stress relievers, mental escapes, and guilty pleasures.


I Love….

First off, last week was rough. I stayed sick pretty much 90% of last week. I think Monday was the only day I felt like a normal human being. Thankfully, I feel MUCH better now. Now, I just wanted to share a few pictures of what I love about my home. (or I should say my yard) I love sitting under tree on a blanket reading a good book…

I love picnicking in the front yard with my kids…

I just wish it wasn’t so cold outside today! I would be spending the day doing this again!