Project 365: Day 1 Hobbies

This year I decided I would finally start a Project 365. Which is me committing to take at least one photograph a day, something I should be doing anyway. I’m going to try to get as creative as I can as the year goes along. For the first picture lots of “lists” suggest maybe starting with a self portrait. But today was a lazy day for me and I was not going to bother getting all dolled up for a picture. (because seriously, I am NOT gonna post a hag photo of myself) So I decided to do a photograph that encompasses the hobbies that I really love. This picture represents things that I would not know what to do if I couldn’t do them anymore. They are my stress relievers, mental escapes, and guilty pleasures.


Book Review….

Since I showed off my book I was reading yesterday in a post, I figured I should share my thoughts on the book as well.

Here is what I read:

I picked this one up randomly at the library a few weeks ago. I almost put it back, but I decided to stick with the “Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover” rule. I was going to put it back because I figured it might be a little “much”. But I was very surprised that it was a really good little “Chick” book. Yes, I do like to ready “cheesy” Chick books every now and then. It was a cute book and I do plan on searching for more from the author when I head back to the library! So if you like cutesy little romances every now and then, this one is a good one to tuck in with.

Book Obsessed—Any suggestions?


Over the last 2 weeks I have read  4 books, including the first two books from The Hunger Games series. I can’t wait to get hold of the 3rd one but unfortunately I am #2 on the waiting list at the library. And whoever has it right now obviously is NOT a fast reader. If I could get my hands on it today I would get it back to them tomorrow. lol One of the other books was a Nora Roberts and the other one was….The Help!!! I have been meaning to read it and finally got to it! I can only say that The Help is in my Top FIVE favorite books. It had me laughing out loud and crying. I was very sad when I finished the book because I didn’t want to be done with it yet. I have two more Nora Roberts books and The Friday Night Knitting Club from the library, but instead of those, I started reading The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks from my own collection. I have had it for probably over a year now, but just haven’t gotten around to it.

So I am on the hunt for more books to read so if you have any suggestions, please comment!


Reconstructing Brigid—My Review

I love getting books. This one I got for Christmas.

This book is one of those that had an amazing amount of potential and you just know at any moment it’s going to get really good….Then the next thing you know, you are on the last page, finished with the book. At one point during the book I thought, “Yay, it’s about to get really good”. Then all of sudden it’s like the author jumped shipped on the idea for the book and swam in a completely different direction. It was just all over the place and at the end of the book it left me feeling empty.  Here is a brief description brought to you buy :

When the daughter of a politically connected CEO is found dead in her car off the Maine coast, her father wants the best investigation money can buy.

He demands that Brigid Ashbury determine the cause of death: was it a simple car crash or did someone force his daughter off the road? For the country’s premiere accident reconstructionist, it should be an open and shut case.

Except for one minor problem: Brigid is afraid of cars.

While struggling to overcome her motorphobia, the result of her own recent collision, Brigid is trying to determine whether this really was an accident. A wealthy family, a possible kidnapping and questions of inheritance muddy the waters. The prime suspect, Aaron White, is the boyfriend of the dead girl’s sister. He even admits to sleeping with the victim…twice…but insists he didn’t kill her.

Sounds interesting, but it falls flat. I give this book a big fat D just because it really irritated me. I do want to give her another try so I am going to pick another book that she has written and see how I like it. I won’t “write” this author off just yet.

Something I Need Daily

Blog Dare Theme January 6- Something You Need Daily

I can’t say that there is anything in particular that is a must have for me on a daily basis. I’m not a coffee drinker AT ALL. Though I will say that one day last week I was feeling so tired and just exhausted that I did cave and drank a cup of coffe. It was a French Vanilla “Flavor”. I don’t know exactly why the say a coffee is “French Vanilla” or “Chocolate Mocha”. That is a straight up lie. Now, if coffee were to taste like it smelled, then it would taste good. Instead of saying the flavor is French Vanilla they should just say the aroma is French Vanilla. But enough about complaining about coffee. This is suppose to be about something I need daily…(though I will say that I a big tea drinker)

I guess I will stick to saying this is going to be about things I would like to do daily. I would like to have an hour at least to read. I can say that I probably accomplish that more often than not. I read a lot. More than an hour as well though definitely not all in one sitting. I crochet, obviously, so I like to get at least one or two projects completed daily. I guess somewhere in there I would like to have a tiny Facebook fix in there. That’s so bad to say. I remember back when Facebook first started up and I was very reluctant to join. The only reason I did was because we had friends overseas and they got on Facebook so we all did as well so that we could keep in touch. I didn’t care for it much and still preferred Myspace (yes, that does still exist). I guess that is really all that I can come up with at this current moment.


Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover : A Review or Two..

Ok, so I have had the book Masquerade by Janet Dailey for a VERY long time. I’m not even sure how I came up with it, but I have to say I’ve had it for at least 7 years, but I think it’s been longer than that.

So I haven’t read it all this time because going by the cover of the book, it looks like it is going to be to smooshy romancey and maybe have more in it than I cared to read. But I was looking for another book to read and I pulled it out thinking I might as well give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised. There was some romance to it of course, but the bulk of the book did focus on that but on an actual bit of suspense/mystery. This was one of 2 books I read over the weekend and I have to say I completely misjudged it simply by the cover.  So now I will try to be more conscious of not doing that.  This book earns a B on my ratings.


The other book I read was The Bride by Julie Garwood. This is another one that didn’t appeal to me that much. This one came out of a box of books that was given to me. Otherwise I would not have picked it out as reading material. This was one set in Scotland back in the 1100s. Overall it was pretty good.  It had some elements I didn’t care for though. This one I would give a C score.

Book Review: The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club



I just finished reading The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club by Gil McNeil today. (This book has also been printed with the title Divas Don’t Knit) I got this book from my sister because she thought it would be a good book for me since I love to crochet. I will say that intrigued me that there was a book centered around the knitting and yarn world. I thought the book lacked in a lot of areas. I don’t know quite what it was but it was missing that UMPH for me. There were just several things that I thought could have been elaborated on while other things could have been left out.  I do like the characters and they fact that the author actually didn’t just throw characters in here and there. Each character has their own little story and I think it would be quite interesting for the author to produce more books centered around different characters. Overall though I  enjoyed the book and will definitely pick up the sequel Needles and Pearls!

>Book Lover’s Day


Did you know that today is National Book Lover’s Day!? Now this is something I can celebrate! I’ve loved books for as long as I can remember! So today I am vowing to pick up one from my selection I have and start reading!! Seriously, it’s been over 2 months since I have read something and that makes me sad. 🙁 I think it’s time for an escape.

>For the Love of Books…

>I’m a serious book fanatic. I love books and firmly believe that you can NOT have too many books. (though my husband feels much differently about that) I am always looking for new books to read. I actually have quite a few that I haven’t read yet. I just like having them as back up.

I’ve loved to read for as long as I can remember. My mom had joined a book club for kids when I was younger or something and I remember getting the books in the mail. But my real obsession started when I was in 10th grade and had to do a book report. I went to my schools library and picked up the first one that looked interesting. Thus beginning my love affair with books. That book was Loves Music, Loves to Dance by Mary Higgins Clark.

I loved it!! And I never stopped reading her books. I admit I am definitely behind on reading her books, have a few in my unread “library”, but I will definitely be finishing them. She is definitely on my list as one of my FAVORITE authors!!