War Eagle: My husband’s Project…

Actually this was a joint effort between the two of us. He’s never really did anything projecty (we will pretend that is a word), but after his crazy experience the last few months he knew he wanted to commemorate it in some way. He’s a big sports fan. There are two teams that you are guaranteed to here him yelling at the tv if you come to our home. One is the Atlanta Braves and the other is the Auburn Tigers. Obviously his reactions, as most of America now knows,  can get pretty crazy.  When all was said and done, he wanted to make something that would highlight the experience our family had and he did. This will go in his office at work.

This was a dark wood 30×40 frame that we went over with Spray Kilz:


Time to add the blue!!


Then he added articles and other things from our experience that he had laminated onto a board we got from Hobby Lobby:


He added a few finishing touches and the job was complete!


Oh he took up taggin’ in the process too….