My Little Inspiration…

I’ve talked about my daughter before, my little Fashion Queen. Well, she was slightly jealous of the scarves I made for my sisters that she insisted I make her one. So that is what I did. Just a simple, nothing special scarf to make her happy. EXCEPT after I presented it to her she then says that I know much make her a skirt, shirt, and shoes to match. So using her as inspiration for reviving my crocheting I decided to make up a skirt from a pattern I had previously purchased. (I hoard yarn patterns just the same as I do yarn)  I had purchased the cutest Chevron Skirt from A Crocheted Simplicity so I took this as a sign to actually get to working on it. I LOVE the results and so does my daughter, who I must add, posed herself!

The Fashionista Diva Queen in her new skirt (and yes, she reminded me that I still have not made her shirt yet):

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