A useless baby product….

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Now, I am going to try to state SEVERAL products that I thought were just complete wastes of money. The first being the Diaper Genie. I am sure that there are going to be several blog posts that agree with me on this one. I never did manage to figure the thing out. I had a diaper Genie with my first child because I had gotten it as a shower gift. Am I the only one couldn’t even figure out how to get the refill things back in the stupid thing. And then, what was the point of twisting it? I know it gave the illusion that you could twist it every time you put a diaper in or something and then each diaper was, I don’t know, secured or whatever. Honestly, I sill don’t realize what it did or what the point was. I just know it didn’t do what I expected it to do.

Another thing I felt was/is just stupid is wipe warmers. This is, again, something I had with my son. It’s all fine and dandy, the wipe did come out warm. But within seconds of being hit by air, they just cooled right back down. All it accomplished for me was drying out my wipes and making me have to spend money on more.

One last thing, and this is something I did not have, but have seen…formula mixers. REALLY? People are buying that? I’m sure it is dandy, but definitely not a necessity.