I’m So Creative….

This is something that I never said before. I actually felt “craft-Challenged”. I tried and tried to do lots of things, but never could find something I was good. I still want to try to sew more. I like to think I *might* be good at that. Anyway, I’ve tried scrapbooking back when my son was a baby. Yeah, I stunk at it. Of course, I wasn’t buying all these tools that make the cutting easy or shelling out lots of money on this and thats. So, my scrapbooks were/are pathetic looking pieces of work. Oh, and I have also tried jewelry making. I don’t know what it is or why I can make something and to me it looks completely ridiculous and like the ugliest thing on the planet.

Fast forward to a year ago…almost exactly a year ago, when I decided I wanted to try my hand at crocheting. I had been looking at a lot of crochet items online and I thought, “surely I can do this”. So I started googling. It took me a little bit to figure out patterns. When I first saw a pattern it looked like a foreign language to me that I never thought I would understand, but I did figure it out.  I started out small. I have/had a ridiculous amount of flowers around the house that I made. Eventually I decided I wanted to try a hat…I don’t know what went  wrong, but as I am making it, it looks more and more like a giant frisbee. I really wish I would have taken a picture of it. It was bad…so I stopped for a few months on the hats. Then I made some booties and slippers. Here is one of the pairs I made:

Eventually I did go back to trying hats and I am happy to say that I successfully figured it out. Here is a Cow Set (I also have  Giraffe that is too cute) that I offer:

Probably the favorite thing I have made so far is the Butterfly Set:

So I am proud that I can finally say that yes, I am creative!

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