Thumbuddy To Love:

So my daughter is a thumbsucker. It started pretty early on in infancy. The day she first started sucking her thumb, I thought “oh how cute”. I even posted a picture on Facebook that said “thank goodness this isn’t a regular thing”. This is the picture:

I had no idea that it would turn out to be her new habit. I wonder if there was more intervention that I could have done to stop her from doing it. Now here we are, she will be 3 in June, and I really want to get this habit nipped in the bud. A few days ago I came across a website for a product called Thumbuddy to Love. It is a little finger puppet along with a book that you are to read to your child often to postively encourage your child to stop sucking their thumb. They also have books for those who are wanting to break the habit of pacifiers as well.  So after touching base with someone from Thumbuddy to Love, I am happy to use this as my first product review! Over the next few weeks I will be working with our Ballerina Sue puppet and working towards our goal of eliminating the need to comfort with the thumb. I will post updates as we go along of how well we are doing with it!

Check out Thumbuddy to Love Now! Just click here!

Swooning for Pattinson

Now, I have never understood the whole Robert Pattinson craze. My main irritation was that when I read the Twilight book (before any movie ever came out) I had an idea already about what Edward would look like. Needless to say, Robert Pattinson as Edward was something I just didn’t get. But anyway, this is not a blog about Twilight (and I really need to see that last one that was out in theaters, I still have not). I do that with alot of books I read. I cast them as I am reading them. Moving along, so months ago, probably actually a year ago, I watched the movie Remember Me. I said then that if I had saw this movie before I ever saw Twilight, then I would have been excited to see him as Edward. (But I still hate him as Edward.) HOWEVER, this morning, since I was up at 3am, I finally watched a movie that I have had in from Netflix for over a week now. This movie was Water For Elephants and let me tell you, it was a GREAT movie. I’m kinda sad that I broke my rule of never watching a movie before I’ve read the book. The books is ALWAYS better. The movie was such a great one that I can only imagine that the book is spectacular. This movie actually made me get the whole Robert Pattinson thing and I did have a few *swoon* moments. If only he walked around everyday looking like he did in that movie instead of looking like he’s just gotten out of bed. *sigh*