Weekend Projects…

Since my sisters decided to come in for a visit over the weekend we decided that we would utilize the our time and do some projects. So we did!! Now, most of these are still works in progress. At least mine are anyway. lol So we started out by spray painting some wreaths.

I chose to do a red wreath:

Insert unintentional Target Advertisement here:

Ok, now at this point is where I got COMPLETELY side tracked. I have frame type thing that is actually off of the back of a mirror that I have been wanting to convert into a chalkboard. I forgot to take a before so here is a picture of it right after I started painting it.

Then I had some extra boards laying around so I cut one too size and painted it with Chalk Board Paint. Now, I am not finished actually with ANY project I started over the weekend, but I am at least happy that I got the going. 🙂 I need to add another coat of Chalkboard paint and some detailing to the frame once I decide what exactly that will be and then I will staple it all together. 🙂

Another cool project that my sister did involved spray paint and burlap.


Hopefully my sister over at Digital Jenny will blog the finished product when she is finished! *hint hint* I kept one for my self that I am going to use in some pictures. 🙂