Project Princess…

So my daughter LOVES Princesses. (which is odd since she has yet to sit and watch a Disney Princess movie) So her room is now going to be transformed in to a Princess Palace. I am looking for different things and ideas to use in her room. First project, which I tackled today, was to paint a mirror that I have. I was actually planning to yard sale this mirror, but haven’t had a chance to so I decided to keep it and transform it for my daughter.


I think it turned out very nice! Not sure exactly what I am going to do with it, but this maybe incorporated into a dress up type area. I can’t wait to get her room finished but I’ve got some brainstorming to do to make it perfect!!

Oh So Crafty….or Not.

You know I look on Pinterest everyday and I see so many awesome ideas that I want to do. The fact is, although I can find a few things here and there that I pretty much can’t screw up, there are actually more out there that I could. I have to say to your overly crafty people, you are kinda annoying. Wall art made out of toilet paper rolls? Really? On my wall it would be just that, toilet paper rolls. And then you know what is equally annoying, when you label your crafts as easy. Oh really? Easy? We’ll just agree to disagree.  And I won’t get much into my irritations over all the food and desserts I see on Pinterest. Instead, I will just post a picture that I discovered on there today. This picture pretty much sums up my forays into the world of creative “treats”…

Feeling Saucy…

So last night I was quite proud of myself. Made some spaghetti, but didn’t have sauce. Though I did have 2 cans of Tomato Sauce and 1 can of diced tomatoes.



So all I did was puree the Diced tomatoes, added the sauce, then threw in a pinch more salt and some oregano. Cooked it up on the stove and VOILA…spaghetti sauce! Sure, not quite as fabulous as what you can find on other blogs, but for this nonMartha…a triumph.

What SHE wore Wednesday!

Things have been so super crazy around here lately! I apologize for being a slacker on posting! Trust me, saying that things are crazy right now is actually a HUGE understatement! But more about that will come later. 🙂 Here is my daughter in her glorious outfit from Wednesday last week! She is totally in here element here.  And as always, yes, she did go out like this. 🙂


I have a craft project that I am going to find time to do VERY soon! 🙂