>That is one UGLY chair!


I’m not a big yard sale person, but I think since I am starting a new love affair with refurbishing furniture that yard sales are going to become one of my new favorite things to do. So, I went to some yard sales over the weekend with my sister and found some pretty cool chairs. One for $2 and another for $5! We were pretty tickled. This is where are new adventures in reupholstering begin:

 Removing that Ugly Fabric!
Spray painted with Leather Brown color
Getting the cushion covered

Nail guns= FUN

Getting the seat ready

Sneak peek

The Fabric, which was on clearance for 2-something a yard! 

We also have my sisters chair too! It’s not completely finished so when we get it finalized I will show it off too! It’s evem more fabulous than mine!
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