Just call me the Yard Sale Queen!

I am so super excited about my find at a yard sale today. Now, before it would have taken a lot to get me to go to a yard sale. I will admit, I was a yard sale snob. I can say that I have been changed. Last week I found quite possibly one of the ugliest chairs in the world that I happen to feel was transformed fabulously! You can see that here Ugly Chair.

Today I got two chairs that will blend perfectly with my new fabulous chair. I got them both for $6!!! Now, I would show you the chairs now, but that would ruin the suspense! Stay tuned for my new adventures!!

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11 thoughts on “Just call me the Yard Sale Queen!

  1. Wow, I saw what you did to the chair.. That is pretty amazing! LOL. I never liked going to yard sales either or thrift shops for that matter, now, i just LOVE it because you can find so many wonderful treasures.

    Passing through from a blog hop. Please follow back if you can! 😀

  2. i have been saying for months that i wanna hit some yard sales — i have friends who find amazing things. everyone i seem to stop at stinks 🙁
    thank you so much for joining the hop and be sure to link up again next friday — this was the first weekend i ran it and for being a baby i think it did well.
    newest follower — love the name and header of your blog!

    misadventures of a chunky goddess

  3. I really need to start going to more yard sales. I just don’t really have that eye to know what is a potential treasure and what is one more thing that will end up in my storage room. Good job on your awesome find!

    I’m visiting and following from the Lots of Lovin hop. Have a great day!

  4. Hi there, I’m a new follower. I found you from About a Mom’s Wild Wednesday blog hop!

    I LOVE me a good yard sale find! The best part?? My three year old now asks to go to garage sales. Ahhh…I’m such a proud momma!

    Can’t wait to see those new chairs!

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