Crazy Crazy Friday….

Today is such a super jam-packed day!!! I feel like I am spinning in circles. For one, it is my husbands birthday! Happy Birthday to him!!! So, things have been kinda let go around the house while I have been having issues with my back! I am glad to say that today I have had ZERO back pain so far…**KNOCK ON WOOD**. So I am trying my best to get things in order around here. Mind you, things aren’t nearly as terrible as I feel they are, but still it’s a lot to do today considering that we have a wedding rehearsal to be at tonight and a wedding this weekend that my son will be in. Top it off with the fact that today, of all days, my daughter has decided to be clingy! She is currently napping so I have taken the free time to finish my kitchen work and now I am taking a few minutes to pop on here. 🙂 Next I hope to tackle my sons bedroom which is actually only messy because of my daughter. She’s a mini tornado! What she can do in one day is nothing short of amazing. I realize, of course, that I really need to slim down the toys around here.

I am really hoping to get back to crafting very soon!! I have several projects that I need to get done! First being the chairs I scored a few weeks ago at a yard sale. I looked at some fabrics today but didn’t see anything I liked. The WalMart I was in had a very sparse collection of fabrics. I know Hobby Lobby has some fabrics that are just ADORABLE and perfect so I hope to get there some time soon. Hope to get to some other quick and easy projects soon too to share with you all! Stay tuned! Happy Reading. 🙂