>Things that make you go..WOW!

>So, I was trying to find a cute little project to do with felt so I’ve been doing lots of searches online. I was looking on Pinterest and found such a cute idea. Here is a picture:

How cute are those!!! But wait, you think that is the WOW? Oh no…you MUST check out the blog these came from over at Snowy Bliss!! Then after you are finished “WOWing” at that, check out her cook Halloween themed cake!

>Swagbucks Update September

>Ok, since I have started Swagbucks I have done pretty good on there. I am not consistent with it all and I am sure if I spent a lot more time on there I would probably rack up! So far from earning swagbucks I have gotten 2 Amazon e-gift cards, each for $5! To me, that is great! For my first one I got my son a book from the Spiderwick series, and still had a dollar left! How? Buy used on Amazon!! I paid more for shipping than I did for the actual book. I got the book for a PENNY, then spent 3.99 shipping. (In all honesty I realize I could get that book even cheaper considering shipping at an actual thrift store, but hey, I still spent $0) For my second gift card I actually order my son the Spiderwick movie. 🙂 For it the price was $1.01 and shipping was $2.98. Again, buy used!!! Now, this is my first time buying a used movie on Amazon,  so we will see how it goes. It was list as in Very Good condition. I know if I had just waited I could have traded for a higher valued gift card, but getting stuff in the mail makes my son happy so I figured, what the heck! So if you haven’t, check out Swagbucks! Even if you just use it as your search engine, you can earn Swagbuck randomly! 🙂